Serena Marshman, MSW, LMSW

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Glad you are looking into starting counseling here at Mielke and Weeks Psychological Services!
A bit about me-
Though initially from a medical orientation in the health and fitness field, I soon came to realize the underlying importance of emotional health and obtained a MSW from Wayne State University  as well as a Graduate Certificate in Social Work with Families and Couples. Over the past 20+ years I gained experience working first at Judson Center and Orchards Children's Services  coordinating with  Child .Protective  Services and providing In-home therapy for families.  I also worked with Oakland County DOC providing therapy for sexual abuse victims/offenders and their families. I gained a particular sensitivity to families coping with divorce and custody concerns. At Pioneer Counseling, co-worker, Dave Hamel and I developed an educational support group for parents of challenging children-  those with severe ADHD and other behavior difficulties.  While at Macomb Family Services, many positive relationships  developed with school social workers who referred children.
Being of a social work orientation, we see most of life's struggles as "bumps in the road" rather than disorders to be labeled.  Sometimes it is the bump - life changes such as divorce,  job  or health challenges or family dynamics , but often it is the way we have habitually handled the bumps that  now brings us distress-  anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger and difficulty with relationships.
Although it is important to understand how the past has impacted the present, it is equally important to be able to see that "that was then, and this is now" and to be able to access our strengths as an adult to find solutions in a timely fashion.    To begin, most important is being able to provide a client with a safe, protected space in which they feel free to explore sometimes uncomfortable emotions without fear of being judged or labeled.  My clients have expressed feeling at ease sharing their sometimes difficult and confusing feelings.  They have also expressed that feedback regarding other perspectives has provided insight particularly with partners and children. While brief, solution-focused therapy is often appropriate, many of my clients have returned as need arose over the years or as their children have needed additional support with school challenges or transitions.
I continue to develop an eclectic toolbox to assist each client in finding their solutions.  I am certified in EMDR (especially helpful for trauma/PTSD) and utilize various techniques including CBT, DBT as well as dream work to reach personal goals.  I am particularly excited about the ability to integrate sand play  into appropriate sessions.  I have recently acquired additional training in San Francisco and am pleased to see how beneficial it can be for adults as well as children.
I will be very happy to discuss any concerns, further explain sand play or answer any questions you may have.
You can reach me at:     Serena Marshman

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